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Hi everyone!  Thanks for visiting my site!  My name is Becky Barlow and I live in Oldham.  I’m a down-to-earth friendly cheeky fun kind girl who’s always up for a laugh!

I work as a holiday rep in Magaluf over the summer and I’m also a professional party girl!  You may have seen me on some TV shows lately, or out drinking and having fun in the pubs and clubs of Oldham and Manchester (and wherever the mood takes me!).

I love being a Barbie girl – I wear loads of pink or red lipstick, always have blonde hair extensions and never skimp on the fake tan!  I love my 8 inch high heels, even if I can’t walk in them by the end of the night!

Upcoming Events

  • I’ve got a few TV shows in the pipeline but I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment!
  • And a few nightclub appearances!