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100% Hotter TV Appearance

I appeared on the Channel 5 show 100% Hotter which was shown on 1st March 2017 and had a great time!  I met some really lovely people on the show (cast and crew).  So a HUGE thank you to everyone involved!  I was in The Sun and had plenty of feedback on my new look.

You can watch me on Episode 5, MY5 player on your watch again:

Or the direct link is here: 

Channel 5 say:

“Series two of the inspirational make-under show asks what the great British public really thinks about striking, individual and unique styles that can make people stop and stare. An expert team of three stylists experiment with new looks and help people understand more about themselves and what makes them tick, with a bit of fun and banter along the way.”


My name is Becky Barlow and I live in Oldham. I'm a down-to-earth friendly cheeky fun kind girl who's always up for a laugh!

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